7 Days of Sex – He Said/She Said (Pre-Challenge)

Posted on November 14, 2008

He (Ed) said:
The amount of press this challenge has gotten over the last several days has been a little surprising. I can’t say I’m shocked, though. Our culture is so used to toilet water that it’s refreshing when we get a taste of God’s pure desire for sex in marriage. So no, I’m not shocked. I’m excited. But the most exciting aspect of this isn’t the press. It’s not the news coverage or the interviews.

The most exciting part of this right now is the potential that this challenge has to help heal and strengthen so many marriages and families. I pray over the next week that communication lines are opened, intimacy is restored and marriages are strengthened as they "do it" God’s way. Please join me in this prayer.

She (Lisa) said:
I mentioned this at Flavour, but let me say it here. I’m so excited about this challenge! (And yes, ladies, I’m the one who brought the idea to Ed through a magazine article I’d found.) Why am I so excited? That’s simple. Because God has revolutionized my view of sex and removed a lot of preconceived notions I had. And I can truly value intimacy done God’s way.

This challenge is about so much more than the act of sex. This is an opportunity for marriages to get back to what God designed them to be. It’s a chance for all of us to reinforce our love for our spouses.

So here’s my prayer for this next week. First, to the ladies. I ‘m praying that God expands your view of the importance of sex in marriage and that He gives you the diligence in prioritizing this aspect of your marriage. And for the men, my prayer is that you will lead out spiritually for your wife so that the oneness God has in mind will supernaturally flow through every aspect of your marriage. (And yes, that includes sex.)

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