Why Children’s Ministry Matters

Posted on November 3, 2015

Two of the most frequent questions I get asked within the church world are, “Where do I find a quality children’s pastor?” and, “How do I make the children’s pastor I have be more effective?

In thinking about these towering questions I realize senior pastors typically find themselves in one of three positions:

1 – You have a great children’s ministry, with a great children’s pastor, and you want to continue to keep him/her sharp. 

2 – You have a good children’s ministry, but you’re ready to take it to the next level and your children’s pastor needs more direction. 

3 – You have a poor children’s ministry and are desperately trying to keep the staff/volunteers who are leading it motivated to keep the whole thing from sinking.

As a senior pastor, I know how important it is for families in the church to be well taken care of by your children’s ministry. And because all of us fall into one of the three positions above, I want to make sure you know about the opportunity for you to bring your children’s ministry volunteer staff, or part-time/full-time children’s ministry staff, to our C3 Conference 2016.

C3 gives real solutions to the real issues you’re facing! This conference is a place where your children’s staff will have the opportunity to be around like-minded people and be inspired by the possibilities, dreams, and instruction given by the staff of the children’s ministry here at Fellowship Church. During this unique conference there will be opportunities to meet and talk with the Fellowship Church FC Kid’s staff, attend training sessions, make connections for the future, and get a behind-the-scenes look at work that makes a children’s ministry excel.

Remember, the weekend will only be successful if two areas in the church are clicking on all cylinders – the Worship Service and your Children’s Ministry. So bring your children’s staff and volunteers to the C3 Conference 2016 and give your them the tools they need to help make your weekends the best they can be!

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