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3 Big Wednesdays

If you're in the 7th-12th grade; or maybe you have a student who is, remember what I said this weekend. "Bring them to church!" I can't wait to connect with them at 3 Big Wednesdays! Check it out...

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Family Fun Fest '09

It's not just another big, church event. It's the event of the summer. At Fellowship, we've always believed the family is something worth celebrating. That's why this weekend we're hosting the biggest event in recent memory - Family Fun Fest '09.Maybe you have a family of four or forty. Maybe you’re an empty-nester or a newly ...

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Spur Leadership Conference '09

Leadership conferences are everywhere you turn. But how many have you heard of that bring together in one venue a state governor, a general in the U.S. Army, the vice president of one of technology's leading companies and some of the most passionate young church leaders today? Not many! But this year, my good friend Mac Richard is doing just that at the Spur ...

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The Toughest 10%

It’s one of the most difficult things for any leader to do. It’s not very popular, but it’s very necessary. It’s moving people out. And as leaders in the church, we cannot be shy about it.Over the last ten years, Fellowship Church has tried to do just that. It’s a principle that Jack Welch calls differentiation. Basically, Mr. Welch says a healthy ...

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