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Got Any Change?

When asked, most leaders would admit that they want to change something about their lives. But lasting, fulfilling change isn’t about having the most creative building or crafting the most inspiring message. It’s about understanding the process that is... SURRENDERTo experience real change, understand that it starts outside of you. Change begins when you can ...

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One of the biggest priorities of Fellowship Church is empowering the next generation to use their God-given gifts to build His House. This song, “Future Back,” is an original FC Creative tune that highlights that priority in an amazing way! For the kickoff of our new series “Swagger Jacker” our team wrote and recorded this song and then tapped the ...

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Somebody Tarpon Somebody!!

[youtube 9c0jJZv0TAk 500 313] Check out this amazing  video my friend Paul Tejera shot of our incredible fishing trip!

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Somebody Ferrari Somebody!

[youtube OtD7tES-Be4 500 313]

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