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A New Breed of Piranha?

A decade ago there were 18 in the tank. In the end, it was just him. Some died; he ate the others. He was the lone survivor. He's gone now. But for the last 10 years, Bill the Piranha (pictured on top) witnessed almost every major decision made at Fellowship. From the vantage point of his tank in my office, Bill saw the highs and the lows of the church.I named Bill ...

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The Dog Days of Summer

It's hot. I'm talking triple-digit, boiling lava hot. And I love this time of year! Over the past several weeks, Lisa and I have gotten to spend some time in Miami and the Fellowship campus there, writing, relaxing and getting ready for the coming fall. (Of course, I've done a little fishing too. You didn't think I'd go to south Florida and not try to catch a fish or ...

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