Reaching the Next Generation on the Next Level

Posted on December 3, 2015

Student ministry is on the bleeding edge of reaching the world, because it’s where the next leaders are coming from. Reaching the next generation is one of the most crucial and critical aspects of any church. And your student ministry could be one of the greatest growth catalysts for your church. But it’s not just about getting a bunch of students to show up on a Wednesday night.

The greatest calling of a student ministry is to become a front door that transports, invites, and connects students to the life of The House. At Fellowship Church, we’ve found several ways to utilize what happens on a Wednesday night with our students to impact our church as a whole.

  • Expose students to your Senior Pastor as much as possible. Refer to his message from the weekend or show clips of him speaking. Your student ministry isn’t about your student pastor – it’s about the overall vision and direction of the church. And that comes from the point leader.
  • Advertise what’s happening on the weekend every Wednesday night. Pass out flyers, show promotion videos, and talk to students about what’s coming up that they can be a part of. Get them excited about what is coming up on the weekend!
  • Engage students on the weekend through serving. Get students involved and serving in as many areas of your weekend as possible. Our students serve in nearly every aspect and area of our church – choir, greeting, media, production, baptism, ushering, children’s ministry, and more!
  • Connect with families. Spend a chunk of your week talking to families and connecting with parents. A student’s involvement should draw in them and their family!

When you begin to see your student ministry as an avenue to get students connected to the church, you empower them beyond their time in middle school or high school. You begin to show them the role the church can have for the rest of their lives!

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