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The Golden Hour for Joplin, MO

A few years ago, I had an opportunity to spend some time with the Miami/Dade Fire and Rescue team. And they were telling me about this thing called the “Golden Hour.” It’s that crucial time between an accident and when the victim gets help. Right now, the city of Joplin, Missouri is in the middle of their own golden hour.At 5:41 pm CST on Sunday, May 22, ...

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God of the Rescue

Our creative team debuted this powerful video at the Flavour Conference 2011. And through serveral ventures, including a silent auction during the conference that raised over $25,000, the Flavour Sisterhood is proud be helping the A21 Campaign in the fight against human trafficking! [youtube O7KWEayzA-Y 500 313]

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From Vision to Reality

Vision. It’s a buzz word in leadership. It's the "what if?" question that drives us to create and communicate. The challenge is molding that buzz word into reality.Cast. Cast. Cast. No matter how effective you are as a leader, people will have a tendency to forget the vision over time. So your job is to remind them of it, continually. How? Cast. ...

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