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C3 2012 – Recapped, Revisited, Relived!

C3 2012 took us all beyond what we can explain! Thousands of leaders from around the world emerged from these three days EMPOWERED, ENHANCED and IGNITED to advance the kingdom of God farther than ever before! [youtube mS1PGrmZOuA 480 274] (more…)

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7 Steps to a SucSEXful Marriage!

A great marriage doesn't just happen. It takes purpose and intentionality. Here are 7 steps that will help you reach the level God has in store for your marriage! Have A Spouse Centric Relationship!  The most important earthly relationship you have is with your spouse. Husbands, put your wife first. Wives, put your husband first. Yes, even above the kids. Because ...

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Don't Retire Your Romance Jersey!

Day 3 of SEXPERIMENT and we're already hearing some great stories about how this week is strengthening marriages around the country! As Day 3 also kicks off, I want to address the husbands. Husbands, what you do determines the trajectory your marriage takes. So don't just sit on the sidelines the rest of this week and think sex is just going to happen. Because if ...

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Tonight on Dr. Drew…

Over the past several weeks, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to talk with many people about the message of Sexperiment. And of everyone we've had the chance to talk to, one of the most entertaining and engaging has been Dr. Drew Pinsky! I've thoroughly enjoyed our discussions with Dr. Drew. He is one of the easiest and most brilliant people to talk with! You ...

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Sexperiment kicks off tomorrow!

Sexperiment is here! And we're challenging every married couple to have sex for 7 straight days, starting tomorrow!! As part of the challenge, we're providing online devotionals that will help open lines of communication and connection... [youtube WkeEzH0zr6M 480 274] We have written a devotion online for every single and every married couple here, for seven ...

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