7 Days of ?!?!

Posted on November 19, 2008

I'm not even sure what day it is! We've been going at such a whirlwind pace getting ready to go to London and Johannesburg that it's been a challenge to keep the challenge.

But don't worry. Lisa and I haven't bailed out. It's just made us think more about our strategy to make time to make love. And there are so many things that Lisa and I have discovered so far.

For one, we are thinking more creatively about sex in order to avoid the monotony that can set in. We know this challenge isn't for competition. It's something that will strengthen our marriage and give us the greater "reward" of deeper intimacy. The last few days we've really had to rachet up the thought process and communication that goes into sex.

We've also taken time to pray for so many couples who aren't laughing about this challenge, but crying because of pain and hurt. We know that God is the great healer and that he can provide that healing for every couple. And this challenge can play a big role in that healing as we grow closer together and closer to God.

So far, Lisa and I are having a great time with this challenge! How about you?

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