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Struggling with PCO?

Every pastor can run into the problem of PCO - Post Conference Overload... Don't let this happen to you or your leadership team! Make sure you and your team are at C3 2013. And experience the REAL and RAW of church leadership!

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The REAL and RAW of Church Leadership

We're just weeks away from C3 2013, and I can't wait!!! So far, we've got record number of applicants...but we still need yours!! This year, we're going places we've not gone before...we're drilling down to the REAL and RAW of church leadership! What's that look like? Check this out... SIGN YOUR TEAM UP TODAY! And I'll see you at C3 2013!

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What Would Jesus Say To…

This weekend, we're kicking off a series like we've NEVER done before at Fellowship Church!!! I had the opportunity to talk with the about it. Here's a piece of that interview... Pastor Ed Young ... is kick-starting a new series that takes a look at some of America's biggest celebrities and how people relate to them. Titled "What Would Jesus Say ...

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