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Who are THEY?

We're all created to live in relationship. After all, human beings are relational creatures. But the question we have to ask  is, "WHO ARE THEY?" How do we know if we are doing life with the right THEY? Do a friendventory! Here are six concise questions that will help you determine if you're doing life with the right they, or the wrong they... Do they motivate me ...

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48 Hours That Will Change The Next 365 Days!

We're just days away from our international C3 Conference! This is something I look forward to every year, because I know the kind of impact it has in so many lives! This isn't just a pastors' conference - it's a leadership conference that can change your PERSPECTIVE, remind you of your PURPOSE, and reignite your PASSION for where God has placed you - no matter ...

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The Legend, Hero, Chris Kyle

This past weekend, American Sniper - the story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle - released nationwide. It not only set box office records, it also brought back to the forefront of society our responsibility to remember and honor those men and women who have sacrificed so much for us. Before he was tragically killed, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk one-on-one with ...

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