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Pastors… WATCH THIS!

Outreach Magazine recently came out with their "100 Fastest Growing Churches" issue. It's one that a lot of pastors read. Why? Because we love to look at the numbers. But before you read it, WATCH THIS VIDEO! Then read it, knowing that there's always a story behind the story!

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The audacious claim of Christianity…

Right now, we're in the middle of one of the most talked about series that we've done at Fellowship Church. It's called "Myth Busters", and we're taking a look at some of the biggest questions between God and our culture today. Last weekend, I took a look at "God and Religion." Here's a portion of that message where I looked at the difference between Christianity ...

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Myth Busters – Q&A

This past weekend, we kicked off one of the most anticipated series at Fellowship Church that we've done in a long time - Myth Busters! In this series, we're looking at some of the biggest stumbling blocks people have when it comes to God and our world. The first installment brought an amazing message from Dr. Hugh Ross - a brilliant astronomer and devoted follower ...

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God's there for me?

This weekend at Fellowship Church, we wrapped up our series called "The Table". It was an amazing two-part series that helped so many of us understand what our purpose is, what the local church should be about, and what it takes to experience all God has for us. Here's a brief section from this weekend's message... There are some out there who say, "You know, God's ...

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