Baptizing Fantasy and Raising Reality

Posted on February 5, 2015

This weekend, I’m going to baptize the book Fifty Shades of Grey! That’s right – BAPTIZE!

There is a cultural epidemic out there that is wrapped up in complete fantasy, and it’s destroying relational foundations. One example is this book, and now major motion picture, Fifty Shades of Grey. The story is a clever attempt to normalize perversion and lead readers to a misunderstanding of what intimacy and connection are all about.  

God is not grey when it comes to relationships. He’s clear on His purpose, His plan, and His potential for us all to experience true intimacy. God is PRO-SEX, and he has a better way and purpose for us than what this book and movie communicate.

It’s time to answer the question:
Are your desires fulfilled in a sexual fantasy, or are they realized in a relational reality?

The Greek word for baptism is baptizo – it means “to dunk” or “to immerse.” So THIS WEEKEND, I’m going to baptize this fantasy and raise up the reality that God has a better way!


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