C3 – The MYSTERY Conference

Posted on November 26, 2013

Questions are what drive great leaders. They push us toward possibilities and move us forward with momentum. And as the answers to our questions are discovered, the problems we were facing are confronted with solutions. In a very real way, questions remove the mystery we found ourselves facing.

In February, at C3 2014, we are taking the mystery out of ministry!


C3 is, and has always been about equipping leaders with the right answers to the questions they are asking. It’s about discovering the answers to the real-life issues you face to help take your leadership, your ministry, your organization to the next level.

And as you and your team will discover this year: it’s about removing the mystery behind your leadership issues. And when it comes down to it: it’s not about who says it; it’s about what you do with it! 


We’ll see you in February for C3 2014: The Mystery Conference!!!



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