The Difference Between Leaving And Going

Posted on October 12, 2013

Lisa and I are excited to announce that Pace and Sarah Hartfield will be planting a C3 Global Church in the Northwest!

Pace has an incredible work ethic, and is always willing to do anything, everything or nothing at all in order to advance the Church. I have watched Pace grow from an intern to a pastor, and along the way he became a great friend. He is a man of deep integrity and loyalty, and he understands the difference between leaving and going.

There is BIG a difference in a staff member LEAVING your church and a staff member GOING in obedience to God’s call.

  • LEAVING is often indicative of a rebellious heart toward leadership and authority.
  • GOING involves understanding that you will always need authority figures in your life.


  • LEAVING is often done secretly and results in church leadership being blindsided.
  • GOING is done openly and honestly with the person who is being led to GO deferring to the pastor’s leadership throughout the process.


  • LEAVING often involves the staff person having amnesia and forgetting all the blessings and lessons they have received from their pastor.
  • GOING involves the staff person realizing that the time spent serving their church and pastor is what put them in position to go.


  • LEAVING is often driven by insecurity, pride and divisiveness.
  • GOING is fueled by gratitude, humility and unity.

Though the Hartfield family will be missed by all of us at Fellowship Church, they are greatly loved and will always be a part of our Fellowship family. The fact that Pace is GOING and not LEAVING allows us to celebrate his obedience and we send him with our blessing!

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