What Is That Thing We Do?

Posted on March 15, 2012
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The Bible says yes, we are made to worship.  No one has taught me how to worship or no one taught you how to worship, I just know how to worship.  I know how to, “Oh wow, did you see that shot by Dirk?”

We’re passionate people, that’s good.  Could it be, though, that some of us have misplaced our passion?  I remember years ago I went to see U2, acting like maniacs at U2.  And the next morning I had to go to Sunday school or church and they act like mannequins.

Could it be that we’re wasting our worship? Real worship, yes it’s passion, but is basically our response to God’s identity – who he is – his activity – what he does – expressed by what we say and what we do. That’s worship. Worship is not manufactured, worship is intrinsic. Everybody worships. No one taught me how to worship and no one taught you how to worship, we just worship. Worship is not complacent, it’s competitive.

 There is a battle over worship. Worship is not about me, it’s about God.  So often when we come to church we just order a BLT.  Bless me.  Love me.  Take care of me.  God is there for meeeeee! You don’t come to Fellowship Church to worship, you come worshiping.  Worship is not compartmentalized.  It’s transcendent.  Worship transcends everything that we are about.  Everybody worships, everybody does! But are they pursuing the right thing in their worship?


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