C3 2012 – Recapped, Revisited, Relived!

Posted on February 19, 2012

C3 2012 took us all beyond what we can explain! Thousands of leaders from around the world emerged from these three days EMPOWERED, ENHANCED and IGNITED to advance the kingdom of God farther than ever before!

[youtube mS1PGrmZOuA 480 274]

Woman 1: I’ve never had so much knowledge pushed into my brain in such a short amount of time.

Ed: Why did we start C3?  I’ll tell you why.  To give people handles.  To talk about life in the raw and the real.

Man 1: When we honor the Lord, God Almighty with praise, with confession, however we express it, that’s our heritage!  Teach, proclaim, worship.

Ed:  Creativity happens out of the context of order.  You don’t create your way into order.  You’ve got order, then you have creativity!

Man 2:  We are here for one reason, and that is to expand God’s kingdom. Nothing else, not just to have church gatherings of church peoples.

Man 3: We have a credible faith.  We have a faith that has good answers to the toughest questions of life.

Man 4:  But we are fellow members in God’s household!  We belong to God!  We are somebody!

Man 5: Quit defending your fear and start defending your faith.

Man 6: We can go into the promised land!  We can defeat the giants!  We can be all that God has called us to be!

Woman 2:  If young people just take a break before making big, rush, rash decisions in their lives, things can be a lot different.

Man 7:  If you are religious you won’t reach anybody but religious people.

Ed:  That is brilliant.

Man 8:  There is only here and now and the presence of God.  It’s right now!

Man 9:  Jesus didn’t die for correct doctrine.  Jesus died for people! 

Man 10:  We’re looking for a move of God.  And let me tell you what God is looking for.  God is looking for a move of man! 

Man 11:  We don’t fight for victory, we fight FROM victory!

Man 12:  If everybody’s against you, realize that God is for you and worship through it!  God didn’t call you to barely get by!  God didn’t call you just to get enough!  God calls you to more than enough. 

Man 13:  But the word of the Lord never returns void.  It accomplishes what he sent it forth to do.  You’re doing better than you think you are!

Man 14:  We’re gonna bring the relevance in with the revival!  We’re gonna have a revolutionary move of God!  And you know who’s gonna do it?  We are!  We are the church!  We are the church!


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