Lunch with Emerson Fittipaldi

Posted on February 3, 2009

His achievements include:

    Two-time Formula One (F1) World Champion (1972 and 1974)
    IndyCar World Series Champion
    Two-time Indianapolis 500 Champion (1989 and 1993)
If anyone could justify saying, "Look at me," Emerson Fittipaldi could. But this racing legend and world-renown businessman doesn't want to advertise himself. What he loves to talk about are his love for God and his devotion to his family. He simply wants to do life the way Jesus Christ wants him to do it! And as a member of Fellowship Church Miami, Emerson is making that known to so many others.

I got a chance to have lunch with Emerson today. And to watch this man, who has accomplished so much, interact with his family and others was amazing. Despite all the acclaim and international press he has received, Emerson realizes that there is so much more to life. What an example for today's world of "look at me now" people! And what a witness of humility in Christ.

And as we climbed into his 500 horsepower, specially designed 2008 Indy 500 pace car, all I could think was that he is truly one of the most caring, humble and kind-hearted gentlemen I have met. (Of course, I couldn't wait to see what this car could do at an undisclosed speed, either!)

Ed and Emerson

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