God's there for me?

Posted on September 2, 2014

This weekend at Fellowship Church, we wrapped up our series called “The Table”. It was an amazing two-part series that helped so many of us understand what our purpose is, what the local church should be about, and what it takes to experience all God has for us. Here’s a brief section from this weekend’s message…

There are some out there who say, “You know, God’s there for me.” It sounds cool, but no. God’s not there for you and me. [Or they’ll say,] “God just wants me to be happy.” But I’m still looking for that verse!

I’ve studied the Hebrew. I’ve studied the Greek. I’ve gone to seminary and done doctrinal work. I know some of the best theological minds anywhere in the world, because of my father and my family. Please show me that verse!

God’s there for me? So if I have enough faith, God’s going to give me the promotion? He’s going to make me a multi-millionaire? He’ll give me the Bentley? No, he will not. If this message I’m preaching today isn’t true in Haiti, it’s not true anywhere.

You can check out the entire message here

And let me know your thoughts on this!


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