Christmas Doesn't Have to be Perfect…

Posted on December 23, 2011

Have you ever experienced a ‘perfect’ Christmas? If you’re like my family, the answer is “No!” It seems like some of the craziest things happen around Christmas. One of the most recent that comes to mind was just two years ago. My family and I got home from our many Christmas services only to find that the dogs had completely destroyed our living room!

Yet, even in the midst of all the chaos and confusion of that night, I realized something. It is often during the craziest times that we make our greatest memories.

Our family laughs about that night now. It certainly wasn’t perfect, but it was something we experienced together.

As you get ready to celebrate this Christmas—whether it is with family, friends or even strangers—don’t force Christmas to be ‘perfect’. Simply reflect on the fact that you are celebrating a Savior who already is!

Merry Christmas!

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