Living in Luxury

Posted on December 13, 2011
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I’ve gotten to know a lot of people over the years and several I would consider that live luxurious lifestyles.  Honestly, all of us live luxurious lifestyles if you have more than a couple of changes of clothes you live in luxury.  Anyway, though, I’m talking about luxury like hundreds of millions.

There’s one guy I know, and I’ve talked to him a little bit about his life.  As I’ve gotten to know him better and better, he’s really, really miserable.  He’s living in luxury yet he’s so empty.  Every time I run by his house when I’m working out I think man, he’s got everything to live on, but nothing to live for. 

As you look at your life, what are you chasing?  Are you chasing things?  If you’re chasing things, things will have you as opposed to you having things.  The moment you really understand what things are all about, is that time when you give control of your life to the Lord Jesus.  Then the things get in perspective because you realize He is your everything.

Who are you chasing?  What are you chasing?  Are you like my friend?  You’ve got everything to live on but nothing to live for?  If you’re like that, make a decision for Christ because He is for you.

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