Got Any Change?

Posted on March 29, 2011

When asked, most leaders would admit that they want to change something about their lives. But lasting, fulfilling change isn’t about having the most creative building or crafting the most inspiring message. It’s about understanding the process that is…


To experience real change, understand that it starts outside of you. Change begins when you can admit, “I can’t change on my own, without God,” and when you finally hand the ball over and say, “God, change me.”
    Don’t plan a change in a program or process and then ask God to endorse it. Start with surrendering to him and following his lead toward the change he has in mind.

Change is a process. It’s change – conflict – growth. Anytime God implements something new in your leadership, you will face conflict.
    It’s not popular to talk about this. Positive thinking, feel good theology has replaced the biblical cycle of change, conflict and hard-won growth. But God will use whatever conflict you face to help the change he wants to happen. When you face conflict, focus on the growth on the other side, not the critics or naysayers along the way.

By its very nature, change requires an honest look at who we are, where we stand and where we want to go. So as you look at the changes you want to make, be willing to ask yourself the hard questions.

    Have I admitted that I can’t change without God?
    Do I trust God to lead me through the change?
    Am I willing to work through the conflict that change will bring?

As you ask and answer these questions, you will begin to move past the popular trends of superficial change; and you’ll move toward God’s desire for deep-down transformation for you and those you lead.


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