The Trip to Hillsong

Posted on July 16, 2010

Last week I had the opportunity to travel Down Under and speak at the intergalactic Hillsong Conference! Here's a little of what I saw and did.

Doctors say you should get up and move every 2 hours or so…that meant a lot of walks up and down the aisles during a 17 hour flight!

Up and Around 
Arriving in New Zealand for our connecting flight, we realized we forgot something. Most people would lose it if this happened to them. Not Lisa. She's unflappable! Thankfully, Bishop and Serita Jakes were kind enough to bring it over with them. Talk about an anointing!

After 17 hours, we were finally there…

Now THIS is how you say the word…

Checking out the Rugby League with the Hillsong crew.

Rugby League with Hillsong Crew 

Ultimately, study time before speaking to a full arena!

Preparing to Speak

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