Guest Post – Ben Young – Gloves, Gifts and C3

Posted on January 18, 2009

There was a man who had traveled to a developing country on business matters during a frigid winter storm. But he was well prepared for the cold in his long tailored coat and warm wool gloves. Walking down the dirty streets, he saw a little boy who didn't have any proper winter clothes. The business man looked at him with compassion, simply took off his gloves, and placed them in the hands of this little boy.

The boy took the gloves in wonder and put them over his small, shaking hands. A big smile crept on his tiny face until he was absolutely beaming.

As the little boy went on his way down the cold streets, a friend joined him. The friend looked curiously at the new large gloves from the stranger. The little boy turned to his friend, took off one of the two gloves and gave it to him. The friend smiled. Then the boy smiled. And then the business man smiled.

Giving does that. It bestows great joy on both the giver and the receiver. That's one of the things I love most about the Christmas holidays. And although Christmas is over, we can still look forward to some post-holiday giving and receiving.

For the last four years I have attended the Creative Church Conference as a receiver. Over these years I have received the gifts of encouragement, motivation, inspiration and an abundance of new ideas (not to mention fashion updates like the most current, weird hairstyles and ripped jeans). And while I have been asked to be a giver this year (as a speaker), I expect I will come home once again as a very satisfied receiver.

This year, as you journey to C3, come prepared to both give and receive. I look forward to the great exchange!

The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. 2 Timothy 2:2 NASB

Ben Young

Ben Young
Associate Pastor, 2nd Baptist Church (Houston)
Author, Why Mike's Not a Christian

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