Guest Post – Lisa Young – Fish Stories

Posted on June 11, 2008

Just a few days ago I watched something unfold which I know to be true, but found great to see played out so close to home.

Our family loaded up and headed out of town for the beginning of our summer vacation. Only this trip didn’t just include our family. Several of Ed’s fishing buddies were in tow for a getaway of their own.

As the five of them headed out for an adventurous fishing expedition, it was fun to see that even at the ripe old age of 47, a grown man can get pumped about hanging out with some good friends.

As our daughter Landra watched these guys interact and act like kids, she commented on how her dad was laughing more than she had seen in a long time. She even said, "What’s up with Dad?!"

I had to laugh at her response, but quickly said a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for giving Ed this time of refreshment and relaxation that comes from time away with replenishing friends.

Anyone in the ministry knows the value of having close friends to share with and to laugh with. As these guys cast out for "the big one," they are pouring into each other. And when they get back, they’ll have stories to tell and laugh over for years. (Fish stories are always the biggest and the best!)

No matter where your ministry is–in the home, at the office or in a church–I pray that you find and develop those relationships that energize and recharge you so that you can do everything God wants you to do with excitement and enthusiasm. And I pray that through this summer you will have some fish stories of your own!

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