Riding the Waves of the Retreats

Posted on May 16, 2008

Words can’t describe how much I enjoyed being a part of our dual marriage retreats last week! It was so inspirational to rub shoulders with so many people and to see the great things that God is doing in their lives and marriages.

We had one retreat called the "Creative Marriage Retreat" for pastors and their spouses. I went into the retreat not knowing what to expect. But I’ve got to say that it was one of the most powerful times we’ve had with pastors…just to sit down and talk so openly about the joys and challenges of marriage and ministry.

I want to thank, once again, Craig and Amy Groeschel, Dr. Jonathan Cude (who I highly recommend as a Christian counselor), and Dr. Randy Perkins, who works so closely with so many in the ministry. And lastly, to my wife, Lisa…you did an amazing job at the retreat!

While this retreat was going on, we also had another one for our people at Fellowship Church called the "Wholly Holy Marriage Retreat". We would talk for an hour in one session and then walk across the hotel to teach for another hour to another group entirely. What an amazing time for growth!

And the response was so overwhelmingly great during this time that people are already asking about the next one. So we’re working on that right now.

On the heels of those retreats, I would love to hear from some of you pastors. Maybe share one or two of the greatest things you find in ministry and marriage. And also some of the greatest challenges you face. Let me hear from you!

Again, I’m still riding the waves of excitement, and I’m looking forward to doing this all again…

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