C3 On the Road – Myrtle Beach

Posted on April 22, 2008

Myrtle Beach has always held a special place in my heart. It’s where Lisa and I used to go with our friends during high school. I remember the big time was "First Week at the Beach."  We always spent the first week of summer break there, and we have some special memories from those years.

Well, we’re heading back to Myrtle Beach on April 28! And this time I think it’s going to be even better, because we’re going for C3 On the Road.

In a way, I like these On the Road deals better than our international conference because of the personal interaction and the opportunity to talk with so many people who couldn’t make it to our conference in February. And this year C3 On the Road has a whole new feel with a new set up and new information.

So whatever leadership role you’re in, join us this Monday at Barefoot Community Church, an awesome church pastored by Clay NeSmith that is just blowing up! You don’t want to miss it.

I know I’m excited and I can’t wait to see you in Myrtle Beach!

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