The Smallest Number, The Loudest Voice

Posted on March 10, 2008

Blogs are all the rage. Everywhere you turn someone is talking about so-and-so’s blog or this blog post or that blog site. But there’s something interesting about blogs. According to an Australian-based company (, blogs only reach about 10% of all internet traffic. Ten percent! So is it worth it to blog? Does it really matter what all these people are saying if no one is really listening? Could they indeed change the world one reader at a time?

Think of it this way. Who is the single most influential person to ever walk the earth? The answer, of course, is Jesus Christ. And he surrounded himself with just 12 ordinary men. Twelve. And they literally changed the world!

So here’s the point. That seemingly insignificant number, 10%, is a number that signifies one of the loudest voices in our society today. And if you want your message to be heard, a really good place to start is with a loud voice (and I’ve heard my entire life that I’ve got a loud voice). It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge number. It only matters if it’s a number that can make an impact.

And if Jesus could pull together just a dozen men to change the world, surely the 10% of internet traffic that reads blogs can make an impact in the world somewhere, anywhere…

So here it is.

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