Prosperity Gospel vs. Prosperous Living

Posted on November 7, 2011
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What does it mean to live in the zone?  It means to be blessable.  Go back to the Godcam.  If I’m zoned out I’m not blessable.  You can say blessings.  I can say blessings, all day and night, but I’m not gonna understand the true essence of blessings until I’m zoned in.  I’m blessable.  When I’m blessable I realize God is the blesser (say blesser), I’m blessed (say blessed), and I’m blessed to be a blessing.  Say that.  I’m blessed to be a blessing.  We either live in the blessed place or the land of –ing.  

Are you living in the land of –ing?  Earning?  Housing. Clothing.  Procreating.  Bling-bling.  Kaching-kaching.  A lot of people live in the land of –ing. 

“How you doing man?”

“Oh, I’m just living in the land of -ing!”  And the frustration, the alienation, and the destruction in the land of –ing is staggering!  When you’re in the blessed place you understand everything you have comes from who?  God!  Everything!  Your creativity, your aptitudes, your skills, your abilities, your drive, your perseverance.  Everything, everything comes from God!  It’s the <applause>  thank you.  It’s being on the receiving end… I’m in the zone… of the tangible and intangible favor of God.  You cannot make an argument scripturally for anti-tangible stuff.  You cannot make an argument from Scripture in the whole anti-wealth mentality.  The father of our faith was a multibillionaire! 

But don’t hear me wrong.  Don’t blog about this, don’t misquote me.  I’m not talking about the fact that it is God’s will for everyone to be rich.  I don’t believe in the prosperity gospel.  I do not believe that God wants everybody to be loaded. But, you cannot make an argument Scripturally for anti-wealth.  Abraham’s servant said, “Man, my master has got a lot of stuff.  He’s loaded!”  But see Abraham understood, because he’s in the zone, that everything came from God, thus he was a manager, not an owner.

3 Replies to "Prosperity Gospel vs. Prosperous Living"

  • Rick
    November 7, 2011 (3:50 pm)

    Read the Gospels, Acts, etc…Jesus preached sacrifice, equality, sharing, common good, caring for the poor, etc. and issued stern warnings to the rich (“woe”). Material blessings we receive are to be used for His glory and the benefit of others. All of it is His, not ours.

  • Andy
    November 7, 2011 (11:26 pm)

    I whole heartedly agree Ed! So often, we hear that poverty is next to godliness. But there’s a balance. Thank you for standing up and saying this.

    I know there are many who will pull one or two Scriptures from the Bible and try to say that wealth is bad. But in reality, Jesus taught us that the LOVE of money is what’s bad. If we utilize what we have been blessed with to equip and empower the kingdom of God, then God will continue to bless us as well!

  • Geneva
    November 8, 2011 (11:10 pm)

    I heard this message on Sunday & it was awesome. My favorite part (if I had to choose) were the examples of the 4 men Ed spoke of being in & out of the zone. Many times people think when bad things happen, we are not “in the zone,” or it is a sign to quit, but seasoned Christians have learned, through example, just how not true this is. Dream, Struggle, Victory…..

    Thank you for this series. I can’t wait to embrace all of it.

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