C3 Twitterview with Dr. Robi

Posted on February 12, 2011

C3 2011 is just days away! As you prepare for an unparalleled leadership experience, check out what featured speaker, Dr. Robi, had to say in his twitterview with our C3 team…

C3_2011: You are an expert on what people think. As a psychologist what is the psychological anatomy of a creative leader?
Dr. Robi: Creativity w/out self-discipline is little more than a colorful mess. Creative leaders maintain a severe standard of excellence.

C3_2011: Finish this sentence: I never thought I would…
Dr. Robi: Never thought I'd be doing a twitterview w/ an international audience while making pancakes (breakfast) with my kids #Gotaluvit

C3_2011: Who has influenced you the most and why?
Dr. Robi: Reading about the faith & incredible humanitarian achievements of George Müller reinforced my belief w/God #Nothingisimpossible

C3_2011: Your CD ‘93% stress-free parenting’ is about family success. What is 1 tip to help pastors achieve family success?
Dr. Robi: Rules b4 relationships = rebellion & resentment. Relationship b4 rules = respect. The No.1 currency 4a gr8 relationship is TIME

C3_2011: What are you looking forward to the most about #C3_2011?
Dr. Robi: Looks like Australasia going head-to-head with USA: Tremendous line up of int'l speakers http://bit.ly/eP4h8B #Above&Beyond

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