Summer – Blockbuster or Flop?

Posted on July 27, 2009

 (Guest post by Buddy Cremeans)

In the heat of the summer, visit any church in America and you would probably describe your encounter as a "lackluster experience" more than a "blockbuster experience." Not at Fellowship Church! Even the biggest critic couldn't argue their runaway smash summer success… At the Movies.

I had a suspicion the reviews were going to be good when we pulled into the parking lot of Fellowship's Miami campus to discover it was jam packed. Seriously, not a single space! The attendants kindly redirected us to a make shift grass parking lot and I immediately thought, "This is every pastor's dream! How can this be happening in the middle of the summer? Everybody is on vacation, right?"

Apparently not.

"And how can this be the same campus I visited two years ago when there was plenty of parking?"

Not any more.

You could instantly feel the movie buzz as my family and I walked onto the Miami campus. Blockbuster soundtrack anthems were amped outside, followed by the unmistakable aroma of popcorn popping that captured our senses. We were having a multisensory experience of creativity before we ever entered the church.

And what happened next? I burst out in laughter when I saw the entrance of the church. Everyone had to walk across the Red Carpet, which included a high-speed flash photographer, paparazzi style! Unbelievable!

Next, we were ushered off to find seats (none of those left either) to experience passionate worship and an unforgettable message woven seamlessly into the movie, "Gladiator." Now every time I see or hear about that movie I will think about Ed's message on betrayal.

"God's purposes are bigger than our perpetrators."

Thank you, Ed. I now understand why the parking lot was full. FC Miami's ingenuity and hospitality made everyone feel like a VIP. Thank you, Fellowship Church, for reminding us all of the privilege we have in playing a role in sharing the Gospel story!

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