Guest Post – Jentezen Franklin (Free Chapel)

Posted on December 10, 2008

I hope you are as excited as I am about this year's C3 Conference! I am really looking forward to this great opportunity to receive from some of the most creative leaders in ministry today.

This year's theme of Beautiful Feet makes me think of the variety of gifts that make up the Church. No one has my feet; they are only mine. I don't have your feet; they are only yours. Your feet serve a specific purpose in God's plan, as do mine.

C3 will help us discover the path that our feet are destined to walk. Along the path, we will discover a change in terrain requiring a different pair of shoes. Perhaps, we will need running shoes when the path is smooth but the calling urgent. At times, climbing boots for when we are faced with mountains of challenge.

How we walk is also important. Jesus taught his disciples about having clean feet (John 13:10) or guarding the steps you take so that you do not veer from the path God has laid out for you.

I am sure that C3 will equip you and cause you to consider where your feet are going and what shoes you will need to get there. I can't wait to see you in February!

Jentezen Franklin

Jentezen Franklin
Senior Pastor, Free Chapel
Author, Fasting

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  • Amy
    December 11, 2008 (10:15 pm)

    Simply…FIRE IT UP!!!!!!!

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