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What God Has Done in Just 12 Months!

[youtube 3Tcmx476hEQ 480 274] Make sure you are a part of all that God is going to do through Fellowship Church over the next 12 months too!

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Christmas Doesn't Have to be Perfect…

Have you ever experienced a ‘perfect’ Christmas? If you’re like my family, the answer is “No!” It seems like some of the craziest things happen around Christmas. One of the most recent that comes to mind was just two years ago. My family and I got home from our many Christmas services only to find that the dogs had completely destroyed our living room! ...

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A Moment in Time

Christmas cards, like our family’s this year, are interesting. Essentially, each photo is a single moment captured in time. But behind each picture is a wide range of circumstances; there’s a story to be told. As we approach Christmas, we take time to celebrate that moment when God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to earth. But it doesn’t end there. Behind that ...

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Living in Luxury

[youtube 6C9vIppQk4E 480 274] I’ve gotten to know a lot of people over the years and several I would consider that live luxurious lifestyles.  Honestly, all of us live luxurious lifestyles if you have more than a couple of changes of clothes you live in luxury.  Anyway, though, I’m talking about luxury like hundreds of millions. There’s one guy I know, and ...

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