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Shark Weak is Coming…And It's Not Alone!

I'm excited to welcome surfing phenom Bethany Hamilton to be part of "SHARK WEAK"! Bethany’s story of shark attack survival is one of triumph over adversity and has inspired millions of people around the world. It has been captured in the full-length movie “Soul Surfer”. She was most recently featured on ESPN’s “My Wish”. And now, she'll be part of ...

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Daaaa, da… Daaaa, da… It's Coming This August!

[youtube KvEjw5H5wVc 500 315]

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The Everlasting is HERE!

It's here... Fellowship Church's all-new, all-original worship album, The Everlasting, drops on iTunes TODAY!!! Two words describe this album: NEXT LEVEL! TODAY AT 2 PM, join me in downloading it. And together...let's LIGHT IT UP!!!

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