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Are You a Connector or a Climber?

[youtube 7V4r6UxQJQk 500 315] Social media is absolutely amazing!  But, those of us who are on social media, Facebook, Twitter, whatever, we’re either connectors or climbers.  Social media was invented to connect, and that’s great to connect.  It’s amazing!  But so often we turn into climbers.  We say we’re connecting but we’re really climbing.  We ...

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The Most Important Aspect of Leadership!

[youtube HrEgtJTIQ8Y 500 315] Discernment, discernment, discernment.  The most important aspect of leadership.  That’s right, discernment. To really understand and process discernment you have to drill down into people’s lives.  To do that, man, all Hell will break loose.  All Heaven will break loose as well.  You’ll discover who is with you, who’s ...

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Take a Break!

[youtube oWJ4kbw6ToA 500 315]   If you don’t take breaks, your schedule will break you.  So often in my travels I talk to leaders and pastors and I ask them, “How often do you take breaks?” and most bow their head in shame and their spouse looks just really, really downtrodden because they’ve not missed a Sunday or weekend in a long, long time.  I ...

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The Best Medicine

Too often, we take ourselves too seriously and we don’t take God seriously enough. In fact, that’s one of the things that kept me from going into the ministry for a while. Too many pastors are so serious and boring and monotonous.  I thought to myself, “I don’t want any of that!”  As I read God’s Word more, though, I realized ...

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